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Friday, April 13, 2012

Dress Code 101, Mentoring in Dress

How to dress in a modest way in 2012:

The current style of wearing skirts that accentuate your curves and shape, is fashionable, but if you are asking, a virtuous woman and a woman who wants to attract a man of values, these short skirts are just the thing to attract the wrong man. 

They need to be long enough to cover your leg to your knee when sitting down, comfortable and not skin tight.

" HOW do you tell if a dress or skirt is modest? . "

"Well, after raising four boys, and hearing from them how hard it is on them at church, at a restaurant, or just out at the store, I decided to define 'a dress code' for my daughter when she was old enough to wear dresses with fashion in mind.

 I thought and prayed and came up with some 'guidelines'.  Now, I can't make her dress modest, but I hoped she saw it as a sign of Self Respect and desires to respect herself.  If this information seems like a fit for you, I am glad to be of help.

As a youth I was not told how to dress or what to wear or why. I don't know if you know this, but God made a man to 'see' a woman with his eyes.  Now this might seem obvious, but a woman 'see's' a man with her emotions or heart and also her eyes.

God made men and women different, and to say it as delicately as I know,
 "women are making it hard for men think pure thoughts and not become tempted".  Yes, its our department to 'respect' men.  How can a man learn to love a woman for WHO she is, if his eyes are on her 'clothing, or lack of'.  He will be distracted and he will be looking for what the TV and Magazines tell him, look for a 'sexy body'. 

I am not condemning anyone, because like I said, I was not told, I had to learn by trial and error, lots of error.  

Maybe you are just thinking about this now, so there is nothing to do but move on and do your best.  I really believe God cares how we dress, because He mentions it in His Bible."

I would suggest as your mentor that you think of these 'guidelines' for dress and seek God for His wisdom:

1. Tops/ T shirts/ Sweaters: keep the scoop or opening higher than your eye can see, if you look down, not gaping open. Layering is a wonderful fashion detail, and these days it is so easy to do.

2. Skirts: loose enough to allow your slip ( yes wear a slip ) to move freely. Also, when you sit down the hem needs to be within two inches of your knee cap. ( sit with legs together also, but its not good for your spine to cross your legs, so just cross your ankles).

3. Pants: Never show undies in the back, and keep them loose enough to move without a struggle or jumping up and down to get them on :-)

4. Dresses: Same as a Top/Skirt, just like they are sewn together. 

You may feel 'awkward' at first, but think of the men who will think BETTER, yes better of you. ( as long as your behavior is also modest ).  Men, and boys really do admire a fashionable dresser with modesty as her guide. 

Respect yourself first, no one will if you don't. 

These are general guidelines, and you can mull this over and let me know what you are feeling and thinking.  It will take some adjustment, in what you wear or maybe just a few camisoles layered up and that will put the view higher - on your face

It take  some time, but don't you think you will feel more like a lovely woman or a woman who might be attractive to the 'right' kind of man?   Be the 'flower' you want to be, who God made you to be, and you will attract the right 'bee'.  

I will give some other background information soon, this is really just a snapshot.  When you look at a photo, you don't get the 'whole picture', I will add to this very soon.  It's really some food for thought, I hope you will at least consider what I have suggested. 

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