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Friday, April 6, 2012

Who Spilled the Beans? Can we learn from THIS?

This morning started out bright and early, ready for whatever came my way.  How I praise God for teaching me to Praise Him in ALL things. REALLY. 

You say, " Spilled Beans?!, Praise God?! ". Well in the great words of a person inspired by God, 1 Thes. 5:18 " Praise the Lord in ALL living things. "
Phil. 4:4 " Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I will say Rejoice. "

Spilled Beans, Baby Messes, Flat Tires, Late Appointments, Birth, Death, no money, lots of money, sorrow, joy, kitties on your arms so you can't type! ( Yes the cat thinks I need her comfort on my forearms as I type this! ), I can't think of one situation where God didn't mean it. ( yes, I thought of everything from Auschwitz to Cancer to Prison camp )

He has stated it over and over and over again, so the message sinks into us as we listen. 
Spilled beans at 6:30am

I woke up planning on having coffee, and got the beans out for dinner for us and friends, and my arm caught the bean container and spilled 1/2 of what was in my container. I could have saved them, but they had 'dirt, and dirty floor' in them. 

You see Friday is cleaning day. 
and at 6:30am the job hadn't been done.
last week it didn't get done, because of a busy week - ok--- I just never took time.

doing what we need to do, when we need to do it is prudent. I need more prudence in my life.

Praising God in all things is a great thing to do, I practice this, but need to practice doing the things I 'don't feel like doing'.

spilled beans = spent money, but not wisely/ we are to be wise stewards of Gods resources.

Do not condemn ourselves. 


No Anxiety


These are a few of the lessons I am learning  over and over in Life. My foundation is 'set', but the 'building' needs a 'redo'.

So, join with me, and sing a song, laugh a hearty laugh, because you will see Love and Grace better. God is Able! 

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