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Friday, April 6, 2012

Guest Post: String of Egg Lights

To make your very own String Egg Lights you’ll need: 

a glue gun, glue sticks, 20+ hollow eggshells (in case some break), a string of 20 Christmas lights, and a metal cake tester (or a blunt needle. I tried a toothpick, but it didn't work).
   Note: When you make scrambled eggs or bake a cake, make sure you DON’T crack your eggs. Blow them out.  This is how you do that: 
Get your metal cake tester and poke one tiny hole on the more pointy end of your egg (unless you want the more rounded part of the egg at the bottom of the light).  
   Now you flip the egg and make another hole. This time make it a bit bigger. 
   Stick your cake tester into the big hole to break the membrane on the inside.
 Now, put your mouth over the small hole and blow the egg out. 
 Once you have your 20 eggshells, make the your bigger hole even bigger. Big enough to go over the light.
     Before you glue anything, start decorating, if you’d like. I tried:
Drawing. It looks pretty cute. Especially the stars.
Kissing it. This looks fine, but the lipstick smears. If you like this look, maybe cover the kisses with clear nail polish.
Quail egg. Okay, but they’re so small and not as easy to get.
Tea stain. The eggshell looked great, but the light didn’t shine through very bright.
Pinholes. This is my favorite. I used the cake tester to make the holes. Be very careful. Sometimes the eggshell will break on you.
Plain. This looks nice and simple.  
 Lastly, you glue the eggshells to the lights.  
I started with one plop of glue and let it dry to get some security. Then I finished what needed gluing. 
To make the drying time faster, I used a handheld fan. This is not necessary though.
Finish gluing all your eggs to the lights and you're done!
Note: If one of your lights go out, all you have to do is break your eggshell, replace the bulb, and glue on another eggshell. Or, if one of your eggshells breaks/cracks, you can remove it and glue on another one.
Handle with care and keep away from cats and dogs who like to play with eggshells.
Enjoy! Now you know! The best part is this young woman is already 'mentoring' and didn't even know it.  Mentoring, is sharing your life, talents, skills, lessons and love.  Thanks for sharing with us!

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