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Monday, March 12, 2012

What is going on? US Military firing on Civilians?

This is one of those days that the news is sad, sad, sad.  I like to think in my little world, caring makes a difference. The US Military is being accused of some serious atrocities and killing civilians.  I know this is something that people need to NOT ignore. 

Caring is the first defense to holding off ' crimes ', but we are not talking about some thugs from the 'south side'. We are talking about US Military soldiers.

War is a terrible and yet sometimes a necessary thing in life.  This news from my view here, seems "unthinkable". But what if:

The Civilians were secretly plotting to kill the Americans?  or
The Civilians were secretly planning to attack USA.  
Just because someone is a civilian does not mean they are 'innocent'.  I could tell you stories on THAT subject. 

All I know is we have to have the strength of character to know when killing is 'acceptable' morally.  We will individually give an account for what we do in this life.  God will not invite a few 'spectators' to join in His review of our lives.  

So, were the civilians being prevented from other crimes, or were they shot wrongly? ( do not think I am saying  'vigilante activities of some US Military' is acceptable, I am saying its pretty probable we do not know the whole truth, and can't say if it is right or wrong. )

When our children become adults, and they go into the military or college or work for a time.  The things they take into adulthood is their character. As a parent THAT is our job to help them learn about conflict resolution, caring, sharing, loving, building a strong foundation from good morals. 

I get my morals from the Bible, I believe the strength of the morals come from the strength of Gods ability to be trusted.  It does not mean I 'read it correctly'.  What If I think Gods Word says, " do not kill ", and I teach my children this moral.  They will have to decide as adults if that is a moral they believe or there are caveats to that 'moral'.  

I believe there are many of faith, who believe Life is valuable, but feel it is their obligation to 'protect and serve' in the military.  US Soldiers didn't just learn what their TI said in 'Basic Training', and at military school, they also learned in life, from parents, friends and TV or any other media. 

I hope the US soldiers are 'judged' well. I hope they did not do something they will regret for the rest of their days on earth.  I can't say if they were right or wrong, but I know its sad news from the front lines.  

Judge not lest you be judged with the same rod  .Matt. 7:1,2

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