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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Making our mark in Life

Don't we all want to leave a mark, a sign, a message that says 'WE were here.?'
 Back in the 70's we would draw a picture at the bottom of our letters " Kilroy was here ". I heard the 'line' came from the war in the 60's, and then we used it in the 70's.  ( I just Googled it and it said it was from WWII ).

Now we have people 'tagging', 'vandalizing', drawing on bathroom walls, making messes on buildings, rocks, brick walls, anywhere there is a place to 'mark'.  I think there are many reasons, as many as there are people.  Yet I feel many want an expression of 'self', or maybe want to say, " This is MY area, stay away " ~ so intimidation.

 We all want to matter.

Do I matter? Will anyone remember me when I am gone? This, is a 'Universal Question'.

My favorite place to go is a nearby stream, I have been going there for over 40 years. THIS year is the first time I have ever seen 'tagging' on the rocks.  I was so very, very sad.

 WHY? Why did someone have to mark on the rocks, yes many, many rocks and rock walls.

I can go get a 'sand blaster ' and get it off, but why do I need to? Where are the parents, friends who will say, " Hey, don't do that !! ".  Are we afraid to speak up, so the bad gets worse and the good is hidden?

I want to be the one who picks up the person, after they had a lie drilled into them, " You just don't matter to me ", or " Won't you ever get it right? ".   These are words of damage, not love and hope. Is this why some 'tag', to hope Someone notices them in a positive way...

James 3:1-12 ... So too the tongue is a small part of the body, yet it has great pretensions, Think how small a flame sets a huge forest ablaze.  And the tongue is a fire! ...

Proverbs 18:21 Death and Life are in the power of the tongue.

I am first to admit, my words have been damaging.  Oh, how I am grieved at this, but it's true. I pray and ask Jesus to help me, because it is so easy to do this crime.  Maybe I am alone, maybe I am with a crowd that says, " Can't you do better? ".  

So, I know; the intimidation, fear, loneliness, not caring, not being taught~ comes together to bring a result ~ results of internal damage with external expression. What is in a person, comes out by way of ' actions '.

If we are not trained well, we will do what comes 'naturally'. God called us so we can live SUPER Naturally !.  It is only done in Him.  Ask Him to show you yourself, your tongue, then ask HIM to change you. Then DO IT, obey ~ when He reminds you.

I hear myself , and then the Holy Spirit reminds me to 're phrase that'. I have a lot to learn, but God has gotten my attention. 

Did the 'tagger' know his/her actions would be something to make me sad? Do they care? Maybe not, but we can make a mark in life and it can be words of love, affirmation, caring, and encouragement.  

 We all matter !    Imago Dei.

Like a GREAT coach, God shows us how by the leading and guidance of Holy Spirit. 

Thank you God for your forgiveness, kindness and Godly Mentoring. 

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