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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Resting these days

What have you been doing with your time?
 I have been busy, not to busy to write, but to busy to get to the computer, follow through and get'er done. 

I can say, " I have been resting in Gods grace ", and learning how to rest when my family, flesh and society says, " Get going, do WORK, be busy. " They think its easy to 'rest easy and focus on resting'.  This makes me laugh, hahahahahahahahaha, I laugh because I know they say this from a place of 'not knowing'. 

It is fine to say, " be busy ", or " Work ", or " Get a job ".  Well what do you tell the man who is trying to get a job but can't.  Or what do you tell the mom who has been a caregiver for years, and now is forced to make changes. What do you tell them ? What would you want people to say to you? 

" What do you need? "
" How can I help YOU?"
" Do you need anything?"

Please respect them, where they are, and give the Grace you would hope for.

I am old fashioned, I actually BELIEVE that God meant for moms to be home for their children, raise them to a High Standard and then let them go for others to enjoy.  ( I know that sounds like they are in prison, but the truth is - its more like a 'safe haven' ) 

How do we learn to resist Temptation? By:
#1 not being around it, for a long time.  
#2 By not hearing others say, 'It's OK, I tried it".
#3 By knowing the Truth about temptation, its a TRICK to keep us off the Godly path.

Resting, has been hard on me.  I know it is meant for REST, but the emotional games were hard.  NOW, that I have been resting for months and months I can say with honesty, I am 'Resting easy'.

I choose to be home. I had a desire to be home, raising my children. God provided a way - no not money, but Grace.

So I have been " Resting in Grace ".

I hope you are too!

Resting in Grace

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