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Friday, September 2, 2011

This could be like College, yet with Mentoring

One, Two, Three lets Go ! This is a start, a middle and the end of one era, to begin another. 

I am surely not done learning, and sure wish I had a mentor.  If you came here to get something to hold on to, to think about, I am glad you came. 

If you came here for a chuckle, or to vent, I will let you, if you are respectful.   This will be an open forum, but not for abuse or disrespect. 

Could we agree on this, and go forth and learn together. ? I hope so, I sure am on the path to learning more and more as I get older. 

I hope to pass on a few nuggets I have learned- the HARD way, I seem to learn better if emotional pain is around the corner.  I hope you can learn from me WHY this is Not the way to go in life. ( We don't get a second chance at LIFE, we have one life to live...), therefore a mentor, a navigator, a hand holder.

What about YOU, I have began this for YOU.  Tell me what is pressing on your life, I can pray, maybe I can advise, but I can listen. I know you might be from "anywhere, IN THE WORLD", but if you are here, we are 'together'.  Its funny how technology works, and joins us together.

If you ask, wonder, I will share, then the more we all learn, I will surely learn from you too. I have been a slow learner, slow starter, but I am not letting that hold me back.  

I do pray we all learn and grow together and grow stronger.

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