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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Is your Power out?

Just heard a few hours ago that the power is out in ALL of San Diego, CA all the way to Yuma, Arizona  and as far north as Riverside, CA. 

On a hot September day, this is really hard, but please do not leave your home, unless its an emergency.

I am aware of people going to the hospitals for 'cool air'.  

Please stay home, and try to get outside for cool air.  It will not be just you at the hospital, it is you and hundreds more doing the same.  I know the heat is difficult, but here are some tips:
1. stay wet, take a cool shower not warm.
2. drink water 
3. keep your feet wet and your head
4. fill your bathtub ( providing you have one) with cold water and keep your body cool.
5. sleep outside if safe to do so
6. open the windows and let the cool night air come in.

I realize some of you won't be able to read this, but maybe you can text your friends in the 'outage areas'. It is pretty overwhelming to be hot, and in the dark. 

They won't know why its happening, but God is with them.  I read it's by a 'mistake' by an employee in AZ.  If its true thats fine, but no matter why, its dark and you need to stay cool. 

The sizing up of our 'comfort' is in our hearts.  Call out to God and He will hear you.  He will comfort you and teach you how to rest in Him.  

As a mentor in 'life' I hold fast to Jesus and have found 'fear' to be the emotion/ feeling you want to eliminate.  The only way to do so is to replace the fear with Faith in God.  His Power. His Love. His Peace. 

I am praying for you to find Gods comfort, daily. 
I serve a Big God.
I, I am the Lord, besides me there is no Savior.
Isaiah 43:11 

Just think, Besides Jehovah God there IS NOT anyone/anything. No one can come close to God. 
I am praying for you all, God will carry the prayers to you.

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