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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mentoring in pain

Pain is so.... hard.  I am learning slowly how to get my mind around it, and learn from it.  I used-to run from pain, and then miss the WHOLE lesson.  It's kind of like being afraid of water: If I do not get used to it, face my fears, I will succomb to the fear itself, and never learn to swim or relax in the water.  We all have something that makes us want to run away or fight, but this won't help us learn. Plus, its not really productive. 

If I had a teacher, mentor or friend talk me through my fear, I might be able to see how this crisis will: help me eventually, build character, draw me closer to Gods love, help me see the 'log in my eye' better...
If I could say one thing: do not run away ( or emotionally drop out of the challenge ), do not give into self pity, do not become angry.  These things might run through your mind, but if you can FIRST: Breathe and sing a song or laugh you will find yourself becoming less panicked. 

Practice this, it is a suggestion and will help you focus on something good while your emotions settle down.  I am still practicing it, after years of knowing, but not doing.  Life will help you learn, and re-learn, just learn to laugh at 'fear' initially.  

Think of this: A dog comes around the corner, is 20 feet away, is growling furiously and barking. His hair is on end and he has every intention of hurting you.  You do not see this, as you are laughing at a joke just told by a friend and you do not hear or see the dog.  A second later the dog owner comes over and pets the dog and speaks words of calming to him.  You then turn and see a calm dog sitting near his owner, and think 'what a nice dog'.  Your laughter: #1 kept you from Hearing the dog and his intimidation. #2 kept your mind on something good and pleasant. #3 held your focus until the 'crisis' was past.

This is what I mean by being a mentor.  I think often times in word pictures, sometimes my words are clear and you understand, but I know for me a word picture sends a larger idea, and I can use it in MANY situations. 

Like the dog, you may face a dog, a man, a boy with a stick, a snake, a  boss you need to speak to about a raise... the list is endless.  Yet if you can learn the 'skill', the lesson can be transferred to each event.

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