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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fun Stuff, This Mentoring...

"What in the world is THAT?!"
"Its my " Mentor Mobile", I drive it around town looking for mentor."

"What is Mentor?"
" It's the thing you use when you brush your teeth, Its cool"
" Silly, that's not Mentor, its MENTHOL !!"

"Oh, it is?"

 Funny days, ahead, remember to keep your laughter on. 
This is For  Real ! 2011

What can I say about laughter that you might not know.... 

Well, did you know it 'massages your lymphatic fluid' and helps it to flush out bad stuff, so It's GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH. 
Did you know, it can change the serotonin in you and make you feel happy instead of blue. 
Did you know you can laugh, just for the "practice/health" benefits? SEE Video below.
Did you know its ok to laugh in the midst of a serious event in life?, ( I am not saying be hurtful or having a lack of compassion, just if something is funny).

What else, did you know laughter can be used for harm?( sarcasm, anger -- might be hidden in laughter).
As my laughter mentor told me, I can laugh at 'painful, hurtful, angry words' and it actually lessens the 'hurtful effect'. Hebrews 13:15

I found this also to be disarming for the person who wanted to "hurt you".  It was quite an effective weapon. What you are saying, in effect is: " I won't be hurt by you, unless I want to be".  You will not control how I feel, I get to decide how I respond. I choose to laugh instead of hurt by 'hurtful words'.

Wow, isn't that great!  Can you believe it, if your boss, or classmate, or boyfriend says something that is 'hurtful' you can respond with laughter ( even if its in your heart,  you still are smiling and laughing). 

What about if  you get fired, or layed off? Could you laugh? 

I know it might seem like the FARTHEST thing from your mind,  yet isn't that often what we need to remember?   This too shall pass, look around.  How many people were propelled into a BETTER life, because of a seemingly 'terrible' thing. 

If you know of one, you are on the road, I could mention quite a few.  Some known to me personally, some because of a book or a movie I saw.

Did you know God invented Laughter, and He has a wonderful sense of humor.  Who else would make a 'donkey talk', or place a 'coin in a fishes mouth'. 
Numbers 22, Matthew 17.

Funny Stuff, and remember laughter is ours. No one can take it away.  

I think this laughter is really a balm for wounds, and I am so happy it is good for us. God thinks of it all!   Ecc. 7:3

Did you know we are the only Creations that can laugh on demand? Listen to Video again.  Cheesy, but... did it make you laugh?

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