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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Grapefruit Mentoring

When did it become the norm to eat a good looking fruit, that tastes like 'nothing'?  I guess like many things, it happens over time. 

I am beginning to believe many have never had good- REALLY good tasting fruit and vegetables.  They go to the store, buy apples, grapes, grapefruit, strawberries and so on, but the produce does not have much more than 'good looks'.

They get home, eat the produce and never even think about how it tasted. They are just trying to 'fill themselves' up. I know, I almost forgot myself.

My daughter had a lovely grapefruit, and I thought since it was home grown it would be 'yummy', but she said it was flavor-LESS.  I took the picture to show you. It looked lovely. Color, nicely formed sections, full of juice, but no flavor!

I was not surprised, saddened, but not surprised, but maybe you are surprised - did you grow up with fruits and vegetables that tasted so good you wanted more?

Are you filling yourself up with good foods or 'empty foods'. Processed foods are indeed 'easy foods ', but easy doesn't mean we are getting the best nutrition.  It is hard to switch after having so much 'ease' at our finger tips, but I think we are facing the fact that we need better food. 

If the sweet flavor and nutrition are not there, WHAT are we eating?

I am partial to eating good food, but since we have depleted the lands and over taxed the plants with chemicals, there is not much flavor left. Some brands claim to help your plants grow big and strong, but the chemicals are not always 'bio active' (best used by our bodies)  and not the best thing for the plants or for us either.

You CAN find foods with flavor, but it is work. You might have a 'Farmers Market' or Community Garden near you.  You can grow your own foods, and be more careful with the chemicals than the large farmers can be, but sometimes the flavor is still lacking.

I remember my mom had a peach tree near the back porch, I remember how juicy it was and how much flavor it had. I have to hunt to find that now. I happen to live in So. Cal. so the opportunity is there to find local, fresh grown produce. I know not everyone has that opportunity.  If that's you then the 'food in pill' is the answer.

In fact even if we can get 'good nutrition' there are missing ' nutrients ' in our diet. We CAN'T find them in our food source, so our cells suffer and then 'Turn on us'. The body that is to protect us becomes our enemy. Necessary nutrition means necessary life giving answers.
The food supplements I take and tell others about, are FOOD. No synthetics, no fluff, or stuff.  Since I had been sick for so long, I was amazed when my symptoms got better and better, and now gone. 

Now, years later and much study done, I can see WHY the 'foods in the pills' work so well.  They work well because they are of the highest quality, and of the purest source.

The company doesn't dilute the products to stretch the profit, in their behalf. They just package the true nutrition. I know now that is why it works so well.

I wonder what we are doing with our health, are we spend money on vacations, and movies and fun, first?  Do we spend our money on our health and future well being? I prefer my health, but then I grew up with a host of ills.  My pains and aches were never found out, nor diagnosed, they were just something you 'lived with'.

Are we short sighted? Do we just live for now?  I think this 'dovetails' with financial investments. We are not moving forward in a positive direction, so the 'haves' and the 'have nots' are becoming miles and miles apart. 

  I hope some of this makes sense. You can contact me for this product at:  It is the necessary part of life for mental, physical, and spiritual renewal.  God made our bodies to work, we are made in His image, so part of His plan is for better health. WE need to do our part.

Wow, all this because of a simple grapefruit.

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