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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Trenches - Three

Do I love me NOW?  If I looked/ acted like this?  I know, he is so adorable, I think this is such a great photo, such a character!

Well, I hope to have one or two answers.  I am hoping to post this in great Victory!

" call on your God, He will answer you! In that day, when you call on your God, call on your God'. Ted Pearce is singing this now. I think I will, call on God, daily. 

The love we seek, want to feel is found in God. I know our past can confuse us, distort our view, but the Truth remains. God is love. A Pure love. UN conditional love.  Matt. 10: 29-31

I know now that the thing I seek is a better view of this, and since God is love, I know He will answer THIS prayer.  

Just looking at this horse makes me smile, I hope you too. This is such a snapshot of God's smiling at us.

The thing we seek is God, do not think it's found in anything other than His love. I am older than some, and younger than others, but this is true.  I will not argue, I will just share, Love is out there for you to find.  Think about it, why would God give us flowers, rain, birds to sing a love song?  He could have left us all 'alone' and not given us pleasure, but He wanted us to know He loves us.

Whether you are a belly dancer, strip dancer, mom with children and pulling your hair out, a professional boxer, or drug dealer. I don't care what you DO, its Love that we all need and seek. I know the Love and adoration God has for you is REAL. Jeremiah 1:4,5

I have seen it more this week than ever before. God is amazing! 
Gifts from heaven, to light my load. He knows what I need before I even ask.  I hope we ask.

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